Female DJ Dani at a VIP event for YSL Beauty/L’Oreal

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Once again, we loved providing our “female DJ Dani” at a VIP event for YSL Beauty/L’Oreal for their sales meeting on Thursday, Jan. 28th and their New York associates!

Dj Dani writes music, produces music, sings, is a musician, DJ, model and has a lot to offer in all capacities!
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We were so happy to receive this wonderful response:
“She was AMAZING! The crowd LOVED her and she was perfect! I am NY-based, but get out here from time to time for events I am working on. I will definitely let my colleagues know about you and DJ DANI.
Thanks again for everything!”

We have the best “female Dj’s” in town and are so happy to make each event special.
Thanks so much to “Noel at Prime Films” and YSL Beauty and L’Oreal. Looking forward to working together again!
DJ Dani is using your “new makeup” line and happy to promote!! Amazing product!!