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Bilingual DJ – MC
From a very young age, DJ Christopher found a passion that has carried him to this day. That passion is MUSIC! The first hip-hop song Rapper’s Delight by The SugarHill Gang in 1979 was the very song that sparked a love for rhythm and hypnotic beats. Having a natural ear for great music, that ability went largely untapped for many years until about 1999 when he taught himself hand percussion to have a tangible outlet for the beats that were constantly in his head. They say timing is everything and after a fairly significant financial windfall in 2003, it provided the needed funds to buy his very first DJ setup. The same day he bought his gear, he booked his first store grand opening in Los Angeles and the rest is history.
Always desiring to provide the highest personal quality for your special event, whether you need an outgoing DJ/MC or a subdued one, DJ Christopher uses his musical knowledge, naturally deep voice and smile to engage every crowd he performs for. Whatever your special event may be, you will always receive 100% effort. Having done events for Croatian, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Filipino, Mexican and East Indian weddings, Christopher feels very comfortable around many different cultures and age ranges, and enjoys performing for youth/school events as well. With an eye for detail and a warm, friendly personality, you immediately know that Christopher cares about his clients and truly loves what he does.

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