Top ten questions for choosing your wedding vendors


Are you choosing the right wedding/party vendors?

Be sure to ask these 10 questions when choosing any vendor! Don’t place the responsibility of one of the best/most important days of your life in just anyone’s hands.

1. Is your vendor licensed, bonded, and insured?
2. Is your vendor reputable and friendly?
3. Are the prices affordable, reasonable and within your budget?
4. Is the location of your vendor within a considerable distance to your event location?
5. Does the vendor offer a discount for booking more than one service?
6. Is your vendor experienced and qualified to handle your event?
7. Does your vendor have a professional office, in which you feel comfortable?
8. Has your vendor been in business for a long time?
9. Are you able to get a hold of your vendor within a reasonable time period?
10. Is you vendor organized and willing to work with your needs?

The answers to the above questions are “yes” when you work with The Event Consultants! Don’t let other companies fool you! We’ve been in business over 40 years for a reason!

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