Magician Greg

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Hello and welcome to the world of mystery, magic and wonder. I had the good fortune of being born into a family of magicians. My grandfather and father, and now myself, am here to promote the wonder that is called Magic. I am a life member of Hollywood’s Magic Castle and have been involved in Magic all my life. Except for the first nine years of my life which I wasted, Magic has been in my thoughts ever since. Our family retail Magic shop (Hollywood Magic) lasted sixty two years, which was a big part of my life. To me, Magic is an art. I excel in close-up Slight-of-Hand, performing intimate miracles of the drama called Magic. From the small stage to the dining room table, you can watch big effects unfold before your very eyes. So keep your eyes open and don’t blink or the Magic is gone… My goal is to reduce adults to a child-like state of wonder as when the world was new. When I see the wide-eyed smile of simple faith, my job is done.

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