Hollywood Decor

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It’s a big night for Hollywood, as all the big names will be gathered in one place. Your driver slows the limousine to a stop. You take time to look in the mirror to be sure that everything is just perfect. From the moment you step out of that limo, you will be on stage for the world to see. And they will be watching your every move. Your gracious exit onto the sidewalk brings an exciting blur of lights and energy. You step onto the red carpet lined with ferocious photographers and adoring fans. In a flash you are approached by the leading entertainment TV magazine for a live comment about your latest blockbuster feature film. You stroll past the stars embedded in the sidewalk, immortalizing the great legends of the past and present. Beyond the glowing marquee announcing the event at hand, you enter a room filled with the energized sights, sounds and personalities from the entertainment capital of the world. Lights, camera, action . . . you’re on!

Below are some samples of decor we can provide for your event. Depending on your budget we can create the perfect environment for your event!
Hollywood Decor 1_sm
Hollywood Decor 4_sm
Hollywood Decor 11_sm
hollywood Decor 8_sm

Hollywood Decor 6_sm

Hollywood Decor 12_sm
Hollywood Decor 5_sm