Hawaiian Luau Decor

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Tropical Paradise

Cool gentle breezes brushed across the tops of the swaying palms as the last of the crimson sun dipped into the deep blue Pacific. Soft white sand tickled my toes as I sank back into my floating hammock. The evening’s tranquility was complemented by the enchanting melodies of island music. Our paradise was artfully framed with a rustic thatched hut and Pacific accents highlighted with a bounty of tropical living color. The air is filled with music as we feast, dance and laugh the night away in the tropics. We have truly discovered paradise and left our busy world behind… even if it’s only for a warm summer evening. We are happy to assist you in bringing together this unforgettable island celebration!

Below are some samples of decor we can provide for your event. Depending on your budget we can create the perfect environment for your event!
Luau Decor 5_sm
Luau Decor 4_sm
Luau Decor 2_sm

Luau Decor 7_sm

Luau Decor 1_sm
Luau Decor 3_sm
Luau Decor 6_sm