5 Tips for Planning a Wedding During a Pandemic - Pandemic planning tips

5 Tips for Planning During a Pandemic

After planning weddings for 10 years, COVID-19 has created a a new planning experience, even for me! Let’s work together and create amazing memories of your wedding planning experience!

Before I begin my 5 Tips, I’m going to answer a few of my most asked questions 🙂
As of May 16th, I do not believe any gatherings with more than 10 people are suggested. Many venues are hopeful that by July or August we will be able to provide events with 50-100 guests.
Online weddings are legally allowed until June 30th. (I became ordained online, if you need an officiant!)
This is all information we are updated on once or twice a month. Once I find or hear any different information, I’ll update this post!
Stay safe, and optimistic! I’m looking forward to celebrating with everyone soon!

1. Plan for the best, prepare for anything!
* Before signing any contract, ask your venue or vendor what they’re policy is during the COVID pandemic. Many, like The Event Consultants, are offering complimentary transfers of all services to a new date.
* Ensure that your wedding vendor team is Licensed, bonded and Insured!  Insurance protects the vendor/business itself, but working with a bonded company means your investment is protected as well!

2. Have an intimate wedding now, and a larger celebration later!  2 for 1 offers!
* If you can’t wait to marry the love of your life, don’t! Plan an intimate wedding (following the States guidelines), and plan your larger celebration with the rest of your family and loved ones later.
* Planning two events can also save you money! Many vendors raise their rates yearly, so planning early will lock in the lower rate offered this year, in addition to any special “Pandemic” offers available. The Event Consultants is currently offering a 2 for 1 deal! Our vendors will perform services for both events at one low rate!

3. Communicate with your guests.
* Paper invitations are perfect for any type of event. But, sometimes it can get expensive if there are changes to date, venue, times, etc. Create a wedding website where your guests can check in on any changes there may be, and mention that in the invitation.
* If you have your guest’s email addresses, sending out an email notification is very convenient and economical.  When ordering your invites from The Event Consultants, our graphic artists can create additional templates for any notification you’d like to send to your guests. Keeping your wedding look/theme cohesive and beautiful.

4. Book in advance.
* To lock in the vendors now and the special pricing to take advantage of during the pandemic!  Many vendors raise their rates yearly, so planning early will lock in the lower rate offered this year, in addition to any special “Pandemic” offers available.
* Again, get everything in writing and a contract with a certified, Licensed, bonded and insured company!  Once this crisis is over, the reputable vendors will be booked up and you want to ensure that you book the very best! Do not wait until the last minute and cause yourself stress.

5. Remember to have fun!
* Planning your wedding will be in your memories forever. While we are living through stressful times, the planning experience doesn’t have to be as stressful. Our coordinators have over 10 years of experience planning events! With our free consultations you’ll be able to see we that are the team to put your mind at ease, and help you enjoy the process of wedding planning!

Give me a call at the office, or send us an email and we can create a custom package for you!

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